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Mr Completely

Zero Gravity

Now Wait For Yesterday

Wing Tip


Walking The Dog

Dog Days

Angora Station

ANGORA STATION Rich Ruttenberg (Untrained Dog-CD-82701)

Produced by Rich Ruttenberg and Steve Krause

Engineered and mixed by Steve Krause

Additional Engineering by Tally Sherwood

Recorded at Mad Hatter, Track Record and The Sound Chamber

Mixed at The Sound Chamber

Musicians: Rich Ruttenberg, Tollak Ollestad, Casey Scheuerell, Arno Lucas, Oscar Brashear, Sam Riney, Jimmy Johnson, Vinnie Colaiuta, Mark Isham, Bob Sheppard, Tom Warrington, Peter Erskine, Mike Miller, Jon Clarke and Dave Derge.







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Mr. Completely

Zero Gravity


Angora Station

Piano, Electronic keyboards,


sequencing: Rich Ruttenberg

Harmonica: Tollak Ollestad

Live Drums: Casey Scheuerell

Live Percussion: Arno Lucas

Piano, Electronic keyboards:

Rich Ruttenberg

Trumpet: Oscar Brashear

Sax: Sam Riney

Bass: Jimmy Johnson

Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta

Piano, Electronic keyboards, Percussion sequencing:

Rich Ruttenberg

English Horn:

Jon Clarke

Bass: Jimmy Johnson

Piano, Keyboards/

Percussion sequencing:

Rich Ruttenberg

Trumpet & Flugelhorn:

Mark Isham

Live Drums: Casey Scheuerell

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