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Here are some good sites from some great musicians to check out:


Vinnie Colaiuta, certainly one of the handful of truly phenomenal drummers of the last couple of decades, has an excellent site with good info about CDs he's played on, videos and DVDs, and even transcriptions of solos. Good luck playing them yourself.


Peter Erskine's site also includes info on his CD label, Fuzzy Music--a great two-word description of jazz if I've ever heard one--although Chinese Music always ranked up there. Peter is a true artist on the drums and has played with everyone from Steely Dan to Weather Report. He is one of THE major influences on contemporary jazz and is always inspiring.


Bob Sheppard is a long-time friend out here in LA, and one of the great sax players around today. He's got a great site with some examples of music from his new album, just released this month, that I can recommend without even having heard it yet. He enjoys shrimp.


I've had a great relationship with Mark Isham for probably more than 15 years now, and it's always a dream come true to work with him. What can you say about a guy who turned New Age music into something any musician can enjoy and respect, plays trumpet like he's singing, and has written some of the most beautiful film scores in recent history? Plus he's actually somewhat amusing.


I can't say enough good things about composer Alf Clausen and his work on The Simpsons, which I've been privileged to be a part of for over a decade. I've actually heard the man create three separate emotions in the course of four bars. He still continues to amaze after over 17,000 takes.


Casey Scheuerell is another long-time friend who I haven't been able to see much since he moved to Boston to teach at Berklee. He is one of the great drum stylists who sounds good no matter what he's playing, and I was lucky to catch him in town to do a couple of tracks on the CD.


Mike Miller and I have known each other almost since the day I moved to LA. He is without doubt one of the world's great guitarists. Ask anybody who's ever heard him--seriously. He is extremely funny. He has never met a fish he didn't like, in or out of the frying pan. And I must mention his wife, Sandra Loh, who is not only a novelist, performance artist, and radio commentator, but a damn fine musician herself. You can access her music here.


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